Part of the purpose of this website is to market myself as a professional political analyst. I have extensive experience in the field, having worked as a full-time Southern African political analyst in the financial markets for 15 years. Some of this experience is detailed here, but a full curriculum vitae is available on request to Please see the testimonials and comments about my professional services at the end of the page.

A current and informed political analysis and risk assessment of South and Southern Africa is crucial to a number of investment and strategy decisions for businesses, multilateral organisations and a variety of other institutions and individuals that operate in the region or plan to do so.

In my professional capacity I am involved in:

·Monitoring the shifts, changes and risks in the political and policy environment of particular economic sectors. These have included mining, energy, banking, telecommunications and real estate.

·Advising companies that are domiciled or only operate here about how to optimise their engagement with government and the policy, law and regulation making process.

· Facilitating strategic planning processes in companies, especially to help senior management understand and respond to changes and risks caused by the actions and omissions of government and the legislature (and the actions of other political players, including political parties and trade unions).

·Speaking, lecturing and delivering seminars to both academic, professional and social bodies about a range of political topics, but especially about the perceptions of risk by investors in our equity, bond and currency markets.

·Writing articles and papers on political risk and investment in Southern Africa.

If you are interested in using my services in any of these areas please contact me at

Testimonials and Comments

“What you get when you read Nic Borain is a considered and insightful view of the world. I believe his unbiased nature is invaluable in his line of work as analyst. Apart from that you get an entertaining read by one of the most affable people I know.”
Arthur Kamp, Chief Economist Sanlam Investment Management
“Nic has contributed to our work at Prudential in three ways:
·         giving strategic advice on our BEE strategy;
·         giving political analysis relevant to our domestic investment strategy; and
·         analysing Southern African policy issues to help guide the investment strategy of our colleagues at M&G Investment Management in London.”
Nic’s presentation and writing skills are excellent and he has a rare clarity about why and how politics and policy are important to the professional investor.
Graham Mason; Chief Executive Officer; Prudential Portfolio Managers (South Africa)
“I have known Nic for 5 years now, and I find his insight into the political dynamics of South Africa invaluable. Nic’s knowledge of relationships — including interpersonal relationships — within and among the ANC and other vested interest groups in SA provides me with important background, helping me to build a framework within which I can better interpret developments and policy actions.”
Kristin Lindow, Regional Credit Officer for Africa, Moody’s Sovereign Risk Group
“Nic Borain made an insightful and very valuable contribution to our strategising by contextualising for us the political scene and conveying the views of a wide range of important stakeholders.”
Mike Evans, Head of Public Law, Webber Wentzel
“Nic’s work is more than just political commentary. His analysis focuses on the implications of political trends and events on financial markets. This is relevant research which helps form investment strategy, separating the noise from actual developing trends . His style of writing makes reading his work not only interesting, but also enjoyable.”
Jonathan Myerson, currently head Fixed Interest Cadiz Asset Management and previously Fixed Income Strategist at RMB Treasury
“Nic Borain has a long history of providing insightful political analysis to both foreign and local investors in South Africa.  So many times this critical component is ignored.  Nic provides a sound analysis in a user-friendly manner that adds value to the decision-making process.”
Nazmeera Moola Economist and Director with Macquarie First South
“Nic has the useful and rare distinction of being an inside-outside man in the arena of South African political commentary. He knows “who’s who in the political zoo” because he was once there too! Yet he can also stand back, observe, analyse and comment so giving a “this is what is important to business” summary of what is, to the uninitiated, sometimes as confusing and noisy as a Soweto taxi stand. That he does this in a witty and urbane style makes reading his commentaries always a pleasure and never a duty.”
Michael Power, Strategist, Investec Asset Management
“I like to read Nic’s political analysis.  He has a nuanced understanding of the South African political landscape built on the back of years of observation and participation.  His judgment is sound and he knows well connected politicos that helps with the inside angle.”
Andre Roux, head of fixed interest at Investec, previously Deputy Director General Department of Finance